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  • Can I use my own custom chat button?

    Warning: The following requires an understanding of JavaScript code and is for advanced users only. How to use your own custom button Visit Chat » Settings » Advanced. Check the "Never Show Click to C

  • Can I make Chat only show on certain pages?

    Yes. By adding a bit of JavaScript with Page-Specific Variables, you can achieve this. This will affect both the chat box and the away form. In this article Show chat on a single page Hide chat on a s

  • Chat Status Cheat Sheet

    Status What Operators See What Visitors See on Your Site Available Unavailable No chat icons are displayed on your site. Unavailable with Away Form Enabled This image is only an example. The Away Form

  • How do I activate Chat?

    To activate Chat, simply click the Chat Availability button on the right side of the main navigation bar. This button allows you to toggle between "available" and "unavailable." Master Accounts and Op

  • What is Auto Invite in Chat?

    Chat's Auto Invite feature allows you to have a chat invitation automatically sent to a site visitor if their browsing habits meet certain conditions you've defined, such as having been on a page for

  • Can I create custom prebuilt responses for Chat?

    Yes. In Lucky Orange, these are referred to as Canned Responses. To create your own, just do the following: 1 From your Dashboard, click the Settings gear. 2 Once in Settings, select the Chat sidebar

  • How to have chat transcripts automatically emailed to you

    Visit Chat » Settings » Advanced. Check the Email Chat Transcript checkbox. Add the email address(es) you would like the transcript automatically sent to (separate multiple email addresses with a comm

  • How Do I Find Chat Results in Google Analytics?

    Once you have submitted chat to pass through to Google Analytics: Log into Google Analytics and under "Events", click on "Overview": From there, select "Chat" and all results will appear:

  • Can I set up unique Operators who have different permissions?

    You sure can! You have a set number of Operators allotted for each site you have. You're able to set permissions when adding an Operator to a site, and you can also change an existing Operator's permi

  • Custom Page-Specific Variables

    The following JavaScript variables can be set before the Lucky Orange code is loaded on any particular page. They will override certain settings on a per page basis. So, if you wanted your chat box to

  • How to Add and Send Canned Responses

    Canned Responses let you choose from pre-constructed messages when chatting with someone. You can also choose to automatically send a canned response when a chat starts.  To send a canned response in

  • Google Analytics

    Create Google Analytics events as behavior tags When enabled, calling the standard ga('send', 'event', 'category', 'event name') function via javascript will also create a behavior tag on users' recor

  • How to activate the Away Form

    By default, when you're unavailable to chat, your visitors won't know. If you'd like visitors to be able to leave messages while you're away, you can enable the Away Form. To active the Away Form, fol

  • How does "Keep me tracking" work?

    It is very common that our websites are more popular than we might think. Stores might have seasonal increases in traffic for holiday shopping and blogs might have a post go viral on social media. You

  • Can I block my own IP address from being tracked on my site?

    You can block your own IP address, or any other IP address. Just go to Settings » Blocked IP Addresses. Then click Add IP Address. By default, your current IP is not blocked. Note: If you block your I

  • Lucky Orange live visitor count discrepancy

    There are a few reasons why Lucky Orange might show a different number of live visitors than another system. 1) Lucky Orange has a faster time out metric then other system's real-time metrics. This is

  • Using Lucky Orange with a Content Security Policy (CSP)

    A common layer of security used by many websites is a Content Security Policy. These policies help prevent unauthorized access to website visitor data, and can help mitigate certain types of website a

  • What tracking cookies does Lucky Orange set?

    Note: This list may change from time to time, but we make every effort to keep it up to date. For our purposes a cookie can include local/session storage as well as standard browser cookies.

  • Realtime Alerts

    Realtime alerts will quickly alert you when a visitor triggers a tag. A visitor can trigger a tag through  behavior tag rules, or through our javascript tagging api. The alert can do any/all of the fo

  • How to activate your HubSpot integration

    Looking to Install Lucky Orange tracking code on your HubSpot landing page? Click Here Follow these steps to integrate Lucky Orange in your HubSpot account or view our video tutorial: From Lucky

  • White Labeling 101

    At Lucky Orange, we know what branding means to a business. That's why we offer the complete Lucky Orange experience in a customizable white-labeled package for you and your organization. Below you'll