How do I activate Chat?

To activate Chat, simply click the Chat Availability button on the right side of the main navigation bar. This button allows you to toggle between "available" and "unavailable." Master Accounts and Operators are both unavailable by default. To better visualize what a Chat Operator and visitor sees at any one time, see the Chat Status Cheat Sheet.

When you're unavailable, the button will be gray.

Gray indicates that chatting is inactive. This means your site's visitors will not see a chat box on the front end. 

When you're available, the button will be green.

Green indicates that chatting is active. This means the chat box is visible on the front end of your site. When the chat box is visible, your visitors can request a chat with you. This is a great way to engage your visitors and help them through the conversion process.

Pro Tip: You can customize the color and content of the chat box by going to Settings » Chat and selecting the colors and styles that match your website the best!

For advanced button creation, see the article: Can I use my own custom chat button?

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