What tracking cookies does Lucky Orange set?

Note: This list may change from time to time, but we make every effort to keep it up to date. For our purposes a cookie can include local/session storage as well as standard browser cookies.
Extending cookies will add to their lifetime and only expire if there is a gap of the lifetime of the cookie.

The following table illustrates the possible tracking cookies that the Lucky Orange tracking script might set:

Cookie name Purpose of cookie Lifetime
_global_lucky_opt_out If set, will not run Lucky Orange. Set via our opt out links. 10 years
_lo_np_<Poll ID> Set if a user should no longer receive a particular poll. 30 days
_lo_bn Indicated this visitor has been banned from tracking. 30 days
_lo_cid ID of the visitor's current chat, if any. Session
_lo_uid Unique identifier for the visitor. 2 years
_lo_rid ID of the visitor's current recording. 30 minutes (extending)
_lo_v Total number of visitor's visits. 1 Year (extending)
__lotl URL of the visitor's original landing page, if any. 180 days
__lotr URL of the visitor's original referrer, if any. 180 days

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