How does "Keep me tracking" work?

It is very common that our websites are more popular than we might think. Stores might have seasonal increases in traffic for holiday shopping and blogs might have a post go viral on social media. You should not have to worry about choosing a large enough plan to accommodate your website's increased popularity. All you should worry about is live chat being online and insights flowing into your dashboard.

Don't worry about pageview limits

With "Keep me tracking" enabled for your account, you'll never have to worry about missing out on insight or chat requests because you hit your pageview limit. Your plan will be automatically upgraded to the next largest plan until you've reached the  large plan. Don't worry, you'll always receive an email as soon as an upgrade is made. If you are still running up against a pageview limit, it might be time to reach out and work with our team to set up a custom enterprise plan.

Enable or disable at any time

You can toggle the "Keep me tracking" functionality at any time by checking the setting in the "My Account" tab in the dashboard.

If your plan was automatically upgraded during a peak traffic time and you no longer need the extra pageviews, you can always downgrade your plan as you see fit.

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