Realtime Alerts

Realtime alerts will quickly alert you when a visitor triggers a tag. A visitor can trigger a tag through  behavior tag rules, or through our javascript tagging api. The alert can do any/all of the following:

  • Play an audible sound
    Choose from a variety of sounds that indicate positive/negative behaviors.
  • Quick Alert Box
    Show an alert box with visitor info and buttons to live view, ask to chat, or filter a visitor in the live visitor table.
  • Auto Live View
    Automatically live view the visitor. Got a screen mounted on a wall, use this to automatically cycle through watching your visitors.
  • Speak a custom message
    Using text-to-speech and custom voices, speak a custom message for each alert.
Alerts are operator specific. You will not see other operator's alerts and they will not see yours.

Adding an Alert

  1. Login to your Lucky Orange dashboard
  2. Click the Settings Gear in the top right of your dashboard
  3. Click Realtime Alerts
  4. Click Add New Alert
  5. Fill out the form as in the screenshot below and customize it to your taste

If your rule is setup to Show an alert box you will see something like this. The buttons offer quick access to interact with the

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