How to Add and Send Canned Responses

Canned Responses let you choose from pre-constructed messages when chatting with someone. You can also choose to automatically send a canned response when a chat starts. 

To send a canned response in a chat box, make your first character a #.  A list will populate with your saved canned responses.  Select from the drop down and send your response.
Steps to Add a Canned Response

1.    Visit  Chat » Settings » Canned Responses.

2.    Click Create New Response.

3.    Once new response has been completed, make sure to select Auto Send if you would like the system to send the message for you. (If multiple responses are set to Auto Send, all will be sent at the same time)

4.    Click  Save Changes to complete set up

Steps To Send a Canned Response

1.    Type # as first character into chat box

2.    A list of your saved canned responses will appear

3.    Select canned response from list that populates

4.    Send message to user through chat

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