Can I set up unique Operators who have different permissions?

You sure can! You have a set number of Operators allotted for each site you have. You're able to set permissions when adding an Operator to a site, and you can also change an existing Operator's permissions at any time. This allows you to have total control over who can do what in Lucky Orange.

For example, you can have one Operator who only has access to Chat, while having another Operator who can access Chat, generate Heat Maps, and view Recordings. Each tab within Lucky Orange has a corresponding permission. There are also permissions for Billing History and Operator Management. Below you'll find a list of the abilities an Operator gains for each permission.

Permission Abilities

  • Dashboard
    • Access the Dashboard tab
    • Show/hide widgets
    • Rearrange widgets
    • Create/edit/delete conversion funnels
  • Live Visitors
    • Access the Live Visitors tab
    • Show/hide columns
    • Filter displayed table data
  • Recordings
    • Access the Recordings tab
    • Show/hide columns
    • Filter displayed Recordings
    • Export table rows as CSV
  • Chat
    • Access the Chat tab
    • Update availability status
    • Customize the appearance of the Chat box
    • Create/edit/delete Canned Responses
    • Begin and end chat sessions with visitors
    • View chat logs
    • Email chat logs
    • Delete chat logs
    • Transfer chats to other Operators
  • Heat Maps
    • Access the Heat Maps tab
    • Create reports
    • Build/rebuild heat maps
    • Filter displayed table data
  • Polls
    • Access the Polls tab
    • Create/edit/delete Polls
    • View poll results
    • Filter displayed table data
  • Form Analytics
    • Access the Form Analytics tab
    • Create/edit/delete reports
    • Filter displayed table data
  • Manage Operators
    • Access the Operator Management windows
    • Create/edit/delete other Operators
  • Billing History
    • Access Billing History page
    • View past transactions
    • Edit billing information

To add an Operator to a site, or to change the permissions of an existing Operator, simply follow the steps in How do I add Operators?

Note: If you are not the Account Master,” you will be unable to change or add operators unless your Operator Permissions allow it.

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