How do I add Operators?

Adding a new Operator to your site is a cinch. Simply follow these steps:


Locate and click your name (with dropdown arrow) to the left of the Settings gear icon.


Select the Site Operators item.


This will bring the Site Operators window to the front. Click the Add an Operator button.


Once the Add an Operator window opens, enter a name:

And an email address:

After that, check the appropriate permissions the new Operator should have, and click Next.


A window will appear containing a temporary password to be given to the newly added Operator.

Important: After logging in for the first time, the Operator needs to update the temporary password for continued access to Lucky Orange in the future.

Below you can find the actions available to each type of user in Lucky Orange:

Role Get Tracking Code Edit Site Name Manage Operators Delete Site Change Subscription
Account Master Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Managing Operator Yes No Yes No No
Operator Yes No No No No

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