Can I manage more than one site?

Yes! However, to manage more than one site, you must be the Master or an Operator of the other site. To add a new site, see below.

Adding a New Site

You can easily add another site by clicking the Add a New Site button in the Home tab. Doing so will bring the following window to the front:

Enter a name for the site you're adding. You can always rename it later, but it helps to give it a descriptive name to easily identify it in the future.

Once the site is added, you'll notice two different segmented buttons in the last column of the table. Below is a description of each and how they differ.

  • Clicking the Current Dashboard button will take you to the current site's Dashboard.

  • Clicking the Switch Dashboard button will activate the Dashboard for the corresponding site.

Clicking either button's dropdown arrow will display a list of actions that can be taken. The actions that are available depend on the permissions granted to the logged-in user.

Here's a handy chart listing the actions available per role:

Role Get Tracking Code Edit Site Name Manage Operators Delete Site Change Subscription
Account Master Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Managing Operator Yes No Yes No No
Operator Yes No No No No

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