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We love your feedback and look forward to hearing from you. Our online support desk is the fastest way to get help or suggest ideas. We respond quickly during these hours: M-F: 9:00am - 5:00pm (Central Time) 

You can also call us @ 1.913.735.9032, but it is not as fast as with a help ticket.

Knowledge Base

  1. General FAQ 

    1. Password Reset
    2. Can I block my own IP address from being tracked on my site?
    3. Why does Lucky Orange not record all visitors to my site?
    4. What happened to Google Keywords?
    5. Can I set up unique Operators for a site that have different permissions?
  2. Recordings 

    1. Saved HTML Rules - Working with Dynamic, Logged In, Shopping cart pages.
    2. Passing in Custom User Data
    3. Dealing with Dynamic / AJAX rich pages
    4. I am not receiving new Recordings and I have not gone over my pageview limit?
    5. Saved HTML has slightly incorrect HTML
  3. Heatmaps 

    1. How Can I create a heatmap that shows my mobile page or the expanded lead form?
    2. How our heatmaps are different.
    3. Lucky Orange Heatmaps vs Clicktale, Crazy Egg, Etc.
    4. Why is my heatmap quota full if I don't see that many heatmap points in my reports?
    5. Heatmap is using an older version of our HTML page
  4. Chat 

    1. How do I activate Chat?
    2. Can the chat or polling feature be customized to blend with my site?
    3. Chat Logs & Summaries
    4. Custom Chat Button Integration & Chat Javascript Hooks
    5. Can I setup chat to only show on certain pages?
  5. Site Setup 

    1. Installation Guide
    2. Do you have a plugin for Wordpress?
    3. I am getting an error Message saying my site is already registered and to contact support, what do I do?
    4. Can I set up sub-domains as 1 website?
    5. Custom Page Specific Variables
  6. Form Analytics 

    1. Capturing Conversion / Submit Stats
  7. Privacy Issues 

    1. Privacy Concerns
    2. Capturing Keystroke Data
    3. Anonymize IP Addresses
  8. Billing 

    1. Need a custom plan or need more time to try Lucky Orange?
    2. Can I change my plan at anytime?
    3. How do I upgrade my account?
  9. Javascript Hooks 

    1. Tagging Recordings with Javascript
    2. Initiating Spy On on Dashboard View
  10. Google Analytics 

    1. Push Events to Google Analytics
  11. All articles 

    1. Push Events to Google Analytics
    2. Installation Guide
    3. Tagging Recordings with Javascript
    4. How do I activate Chat?
    5. Need a custom plan or need more time to try Lucky Orange?
    45 articles 

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