Tagging with Javascript

In addition to our automatic  behavior tagging found in the recordings tab, you can also trigger a recording from the client side with the following javascript method:

_loq.push(["tag", custom_tag, star, overwrite] );

  • custom_tag is any string you want to tag the current user's recording with.
  • star is either true or false (to star it or not - DEFAULT is FALSE) 
  • overwrite is either true or false. (if true it will overwrite any existing tags, if false it will append this tag to any existing tags) Default is FALSE so it will append.
A simple example:
window._loq = window._loq || []; // ensure queue available
window._loq.push(["tag", "My Tag"]); // this will tag, won't star, and will append the tag
window._loq.push(["tag","My Tag", true]); // this will tag and star and append the tag
window._loq.push(["tag", "Any other tags will be replaced with this", false, true]); // this will tag without being starred, but will overwrite any existing tags


Any tags inserted using javascript will not need to be added to the "Behavior Tags" section of the dashboard.

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