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For Lucky Orange to do its magic, it needs to be aware of which pages on your site you wish to track. The way you tell Lucky Orange which pages are trackable is by placing a snippet of JavaScript — or "tracking code" — on each page you want it to know about.

Our plugins will automatically add the code to each page of your site for you. If you can't use a plugin, you must add the tracking code manually using one of our manual installation guides below.

Expert Install Service
If you'd rather have a Lucky Orange developer install the tracking code for you, read about our  Expert Install Service.

Standard (Copy & Paste)

Paste your tracking code into your page's source file just before the closing </head> tag. Most websites re-use one file for common content (e.g. a page template), so it's likely you won't have to place the code snippet on every page of your website.

So find the file that contains the <head> section for your site, and paste the tracking code just before the closing </head> tag. The optimal placement for the tracking code is in the <head>, but if that's not feasible for your project, you can place it somewhere else on the page. Just keep in mind that the sooner the tracking code is evaluated, the more accurate the gathered information will be.

If, however, your site is static, and each page is hand-coded, you'll have to paste the snippet in the <head> of each page you want Lucky Orange to track.

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Don't see your platform listed here? If your CMS or eCommerce platform allows for third-party integrations, and you'd like us to add Lucky Orange, let us know, and we'll see what we can do!

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