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Important Note:

Currently there is a bug in Google Chrome that prevents Lucky Orange from creating dynamic recordings on Magneto sites for visitors using chromium-based browsers (Google Chrome, Opera, and Microsoft Edge 18+). This is caused by a collision between the Prototype.js library (used heavily by Magento) and the aforementioned bug in Chrome.

We have filed a bug report with the Chrome team about this issue, though we don't have any ETA on a fix for this at the moment. In the meantime we've done what we can on our end to mitigate the bug and allow Magento sites to continue functioning correctly while running Lucky Orange.

The primary side effects are as follows:

All recordings from Chrome and other chromium-based browsers will be non-dynamic if your site is built on Magento. This will be most apparent with pages that are behind a login or contain a large amount of dynamic content (such as checkout pages) as they will not be rendered with the content seen by the user in the recording playback.

Live view will not function for visitors from these browsers, as our live view system requires a dynamic recording to function.

Our apologies for any inconvenience this causes! We will keep this page updated as we continue to work on this issue. Thanks for your understanding!


Log in to your Magento back end.


From the main navigation bar, select System » Configuration.


Next, select the Design item in the sidebar menu.


If collapsed, expand the HTML Head section.


Paste your code snippet in the Miscellaneous Scripts text box.

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