How to Install in Bigcommerce


Follow these steps to quickly paste the code on all pages of your BigCommerce store (including checkout).  


Click Script Manager


Click Create a Script


Fill out the form to include the following information:

  • Name of script - We suggest using something like "Lucky Orange Tracking Code"
  • Description - Can be anything or left blank
  • Location on page - We suggest the Head
  • Select pages where script will be added - All pages is optimal as this will make sure you track the whole visitor journey on your site
  • Script Category - We suggest Analytics but you can pick any of these
  • Script Type - Script
  • Script Contents - This is where you will add your Lucky Orange tracking code.  To find your tracking code, Log in to your Lucky Orange account. Click the Settings gear in the top right » Select the Tracking Code item in the sidebar.  Copy and paste the whole tracking code including the opening and closing script into Script Contents in Bigcommerce.


Click Save

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