How to Install in Bigcommerce

There are ways to install Lucky Orange in BigCommerce: Automatically and manually. 

Automatic installation (recommended for Stencil themes)

We’ve created a simple install process that will automatically load Lucky Orange across your site.

  1. Visit the Lucky Orange page in the BigCommerce App Marketplace
  2. Click the blue Get This App button
  3. If you haven’t logged in, you’ll be prompted to sign into your BigCommerce account or create a new one
  4. Follow BigCommerce instructions to confirm the installation
  5. Next, you’ll be taken through a few easy onboarding steps within Lucky Orange to set up your Lucky Orange account, create a password, tell us more about yourself and add team members. 

That’s it! Your BigCommerce store is ready to track visitors. 

Manual installation (recommended for Blueprint themes)

Using the Blueprint theme? You’ll need to manually install the Lucky Orange tracking code on all pages of your store, including checkout. 

  1. Copy your Lucky Orange tracking code
  2. From your BigCommerce account, click on Script Manager 
  3. Select the blue Create a Script button
  4. Complete the form with the following information:
    Form field Our suggestion
    Name of script Lucky Orange tracking code
    Description Can be left blank 
    Location on page Head
    Select pages where script will be added All pages; this will ensure that you can the entire visitor journey on your website
    Script category Analytics 
    Script type Script
    Script content Paste your tracking code 
  5. Click Save

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