What information does Lucky Orange collect about my visitors?

Meta Data

This data is gathered for each recording created on the site.

  • Geo location for country, state, city (using GeoIP lookup)
  • IP addresses (You can turn on anonymous IP and we will strip the last 3 digits)
  • Browser & Version
  • Operating System & Version
  • How many visits the user has made to the site
  • Any UTM tags in the URL
  • Any Optimizely Experiment IDs / variations
  • Any behavior tags you trigger with javascript or from behavior tag rules
  • Any Visual Website Optimizer Experiments
  • ISP of the IP address, or Organization Name 
If you use our  Custom Data API, we will capture anything you put there as well.

Information Contained in Recordings

This is information that can be seen when watching a recording.

  • Out of the box ALL KEYSTROKES are only sent as ASTERISKS to our system. This is different from other recording systems that make you add class names to your code to PREVENT transmission of data. We do the opposite and require you to add class names to the fields you WANT to be sent. We also make you do a double opt in by enabling keystrokes in the dashboard, so it is very hard to accidentally send keystroke data unless you intended to. 
  • Even if you enable keystrokes and add class names to your html code, we still check for certain things. For example, "password" type boxes will never be sent, even if you try to enable that; fields that have names that look like credit card data will not be sent, we even have code that checks strings that are credit cards using the LUHN algorithm. And those will be converted to asterisks before being transmitted through the internet.
  • If your html contains sensitive data, then our DYNAMIC recordings can transmit that to our servers. So, if you have a page that says "Hi Joe Smith, your social security is 555-55-555" then the dynamic recording would send that to our servers. However, you can add class names to your code to prevent specific areas from being sent. OR, you can enable our Text Scrambling feature and we will automatically randomly scramble every letter on your page but still retain the style of the page and send the scrambled version to our system. This let's you maintain a high level of privacy without having to add anything to your site.

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