What is Text Scrambling?

To keep you, your customers, and us safe, pages with sensitive data must take special precautions in order to avoid sending that data to our servers. One feature we have created to ease the process is our "Text Scrambling" feature. 

Enable this by either:

  1. Clicking the settings gear in the top right then -> Privacy -> Scramble Text
  2. Enabling Extreme Privacy Mode: settings gear -> Privacy -> Extreme Privacy Mode
  3. Adding a page specific variable: window.__lo_scramble_text = true;

How it Works
For dynamic mode recordings, we are able to capture the entire DOM tree and send that off to our system. If you enable scramble mode then we will automatically scramble all text node of the DOM tree before sending that to our system. The scrambling is random and cannot be undone. It does retain the styles and numbers of letters in each word, however. For a screenshot example see below.

In this way, you can still understand how people are using your site but avoid any danger of accidentally sending sensitive information.



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