Preventing Transmission of Sensitive Data

Opt in Approach to Recording Keystroke Data
Lucky Orange takes an opt-in approach to dealing with recording keystroke data. This is different from some other recording systems on the market that, by default, will capture keystroke data regardless of sensitivity. We believe that by making website owners make an active decision as to what input fields can be transmitted, we help avoid accidental transmission of sensitive data that is either in violation of our terms of service, or never needed to take the risk in sending it in the first place. See this article to learn how to safely capture keystroke data on non-sensitive fields.

Sensitive Data Directly in the Page's HTML
To keep you, your customers, and us safe our terms of service do not allow the transmission of "sensitive" data such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, financial information, etc. If you have any of this data within the page content, then our dynamic recording mode will grab it and send it off to our servers, which would violate our terms of use and put your customers at risk.

Preventing Transmission of Sensitive Data within the Page's HTML
To safely record dynamic pages on your site that contain sensitive data you must do one of the following:

  1. Disable Dynamic Recordings for that page by adding the window.__lo_disable_dynamic_mode = true; variable before the Lucky Orange code.
  2. Use our text scrambling feature to automatically scramble all dynamic page text. See Here
  3. Add the lo_sensitive class to any text elements that are considered sensitive. This will convert the text to scrambled text before transmitting them to our servers. Scrambled text is completely random for every letter, but keeps formatting, punctuation, and spacing.

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