What are Dynamic Recordings?

Lucky Orange utilizes two methods for capturing visitor data for playback in Recordings. These methods downgrade based on the capabilities of the browser of that particular visitor. If the browser supports Mutation Observers (All modern browsers, but not older versions Internet Explorer), then we use those to create something called a "Dynamic Recording." In this mode, you will see the exact HTML the visitor saw even if it was different 2 weeks ago.

Note: Dynamic Recordings do not record changes in images as we only store the URL of the image. If the underlying image data changes then that would be reflected in your recording.

Fallback for older browsers
If the browser does not support Mutation Observers, we fallback to viewing the page as is at the time that you PLAY the recording. In this mode, if the page contains any dynamic content you will not see those in your recording. 

Only record dynamic recordings
You can force the system to only record in dynamic mode and ignore older browsers by going to the settings gear in the top right of your dashboard then -> Privacy -> Only Record Dynamic Mode.

Preventing transmission of sensitive Information
To keep you, your customers, and us safe our terms of service do not allow the transmission of "sensitive" data such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, financial information, etc. If you have any of this data within the page content, then our dynamic mode will grab it and send it off to our servers, which would violate our terms of use and put your customers at risk. To safely record dynamic pages on your site that contain sensitive data you must do one of the following:

  1. Disable dynamic recordings for that page by adding the window.__lo_disable_dynamic_mode = true; variable before the Lucky Orange code.
  2. Use our text scrambling feature to automatically scramble all dynamic page text. See Here
  3. Add the lo_sensitive class to any text elements that are considered sensitive. This will convert the text to asterisks before transmitting them to our servers.

Using dynamic mode with IE10 and below
For most modern browsers, Lucky Orange will use our "dynamic mode" recording playback which uses browser Mutation Events to track highly dynamic changes. Unfortunately, only IE11 and up supports this for Internet Explorer. If you want to enable a "polyfill" for the use of Mutation Events in IE 10 / IE 9 you can set the following global variable before the Lucky Orange code. This can have performance impacts on very dynamic pages.

<script>window.lo_use_ie_mutation_polyfill = true;</script>

Warning: This polyfill can reduce performance of very dynamic pages. You should test this out before deploying live.

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