Passing in Custom User Data

Lucky Orange lets you pass in any custom data you'd like, and it will appear in the Live Visitors and Recording tabs as a new column automatically. Just use the following code any time. You can do this before the Lucky Orange code loads, or any time after.

var customData = {
   'name' : 'John Doe',
   'email' : '',
   'whatever1' : 'Anything here'

  window._loq = window._loq || []    
  window._loq.push(['custom', customData])

You don't have to pass in email or name, but if you do we will treat those specially and even try to find a Gravatar associated with the email, so you can see the visitor's public profile picture directly in your dashboard.

In the example above, you would then see a new column in the visitor and recordings tab called whatever1. You can add as many as you want and call them whatever you want, and they will automatically show up in the dashboard as the data becomes available.

* Click Here for Shopify Custom User Data Set-Up Guide

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