How can I access the data a site using Lucky Orange has collected about me?

Websites use Lucky Orange, including data about you, to help improve your experience on their site. Broken or frustrating experiences, sales & support conversations, and user feedback are just a few use cases for the data collected.

Lucky Orange offers a convenient online management tool to help you see exactly what data was collected about you, manage that data, and even opt out of future tracking.

This management tool accesses all sessions, conversations, surveys and more tracked for a particular computer based on a UID (Unique Identifier) first-party cookie that a website using Lucky Orange sets.

This UID is stored in a cookie called _lo_uid and is site specific. If you visited a site that was using the Lucky Orange tracking code you can lookup the data that site collected about you by doing the following:

  1. Visit the site that is using Lucky Orange
  2. Open your developer console (In Google Chrome Ctrl + Shift + J)
  3. Type LO.getPrivacyLink()
  4. Visit the link that it returns.

Preventing Sensitive Data
In addition to this management tool, Lucky Orange offers website owners several tools to help limit the transmission of sensitive data about you so it never leaves your browser. See for more information.

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