How Realtime are Live Visitors?


Our realtime system uses websockets behind the scenes so most realtime operations finish in milliseconds. To deal with sites that have a few visitors and those with thousands of visitors at a time, the live visitor table works in a very specific way.

The Live Visitor Table

When viewing the Live Visitors table, we will open up realtime connections to all the rows that are currently displayed. This means that if you have 1000 visitors online but are viewing 20 of them, we will update those 20 rows in true realtime.

If one of the visitors disconnects we will bring in a new one to fill the empty slot. All visitor rows tracked in realtime are update in realtime. This means that as they move from page to page, the url will update immediately. If you use our custom data api, that will show up in realtime as well. Same thing goes for our javascript tagging api.

Realtime Alerts

For even more fun, check out our Realtime Alerts system.

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