Segment your heatmaps

With numerous device types, browsers, and traffic sources, it is useful to be able to segment your data in order to gain a better understanding of where your users come from and to which segments you might need to send more love. The heatmap tool makes this easy with multiple different segmentation options. This makes it easy to see a heatmap for the exact page you are looking at.

View different device types

The screen size controls in the sidebar allow you to view your website and heatmaps across a variety of device types.

  • Responsive websites will update to the proper media queries as the screen size is changed.
  • Segmentation will change to reflect the currently selected screen size. For example, choosing phone will filter the heatmap to phone users.

Segment by numerous metrics

Toggle different segments to filter down visitor data in the heatmap and element analytics to exactly what you are looking for.

Working with segments

Each segment can be expanded to reveal its nested items. Each item consists of its name and a count of visits that contained that specific segment. For example, the "Browser" segment might contain "Chrome" with 315 visits.

By default, all segments are enabled. Unchecking each one will hide visits that contained that segment.

Context-aware updates

Segments are dependent on each other. Limiting "Country" to "United States," for example, would update the "region name" segment to only show US states.

Saving Segmentation

After you are done modifying your segmentation to your liking, saving it will allow you and other operators of your website to quickly load that segmentation again in the future.

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