Find top performing elements on a page

An important part of understanding how your users interact with your website is knowing which elements on a page they interact with the most. Is your call-to-action button as popular as you would like it to be, or is something else grabbing the attention of your users? A simple heatmap provides a very good start to see where users are interacting the most, but to really dig deep into how a page is used, you have a few more tools at your disposal.

Element analytics

Click on any element on your page to bring up element analytics, a panel that lets you see various different metrics specific to that element.

  • Rankings show you how popular an element was compared to everything else on the page
  • Clicks (moves, scrolls) show how many times that element was interacted with
  • Segmentation helps you learn more about the users that interacted with the element

Play recordings

Jump directly to recordings that contain a selected element to see exactly how someone interacted with that element.

Top elements list

See analytics for all elements on the page, ranked by number of interactions, by opening the top elements list.

Filter to a specific element

Use the filter text box to find specific elements. If, for example, you are looking for a button whose label is "Buy Now" you can simply type "buy now" into the filter and only elements that contain that text will appear. Users with a knowledge of HTML and CSS can use DOM selectors to filter elements, too. For example, typing "img.banner" will find all elements with an img tag and a class of "banner."

Open element analytics from the list

Hovering over an element in the list will highlight it on your website, or click on it to open up the element analytics panel.

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