How do I add a new site?

You can easily add another site by clicking the Add a New Site button in the Home tab. Doing so will bring the following window to the front:

Enter a name for the site you're adding. You can always rename it later, but it helps to give it a descriptive name to easily identify it in the future.

Once the site is added, you'll notice two different segmented buttons in the last column of the table. Below is a description of each and how they differ.

  • Clicking the Current Dashboard button will take you to the current site's Dashboard.

  • Clicking the Switch Dashboard button will activate the Dashboard for the corresponding site.

Clicking either button's dropdown arrow will display a list of actions that can be taken. The actions that are available depend on the permissions granted to the logged-in user.

For a more detailed look at Operator permissions, see: Can I set up unique Operators who have different permissions?

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