How do Filters work?

When viewing tabular data, you can easily apply filters to limit the scope of the listed results.

A Filter field can be found above every table in Lucky Orange. Simply enter a keyword or phrase, and your data will be sifted before your eyes. Filter fields accept keywords from any column. You can add more terms by separating each keyword/phrase with a comma.

For example, you can enter “mac 10.10.2, valhalla, roger” into the Filter field, and behind the scenes, Lucky Orange will "tokenize" the keyword(s) like so:

mac 10.10.2 valhalla roger

Once these tokens are created, Lucky Orange will filter all records to only show visitors who are:

  • Using the Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10.2) operating system;
  • Located near Valhalla, NY or has an Internet Service Provider named Valhalla;
  • Named Roger (or named something containing Roger).

Here's another example. You could enter “Android, firefox, direct, Connecticut” into the Filter field. This will create the following tokens:

Android firefox direct Connecticut

This will filter records to show only visitors who:

  • Are on an Android phone;
  • Are using some version of Firefox
  • Got to the site via a direct link (as opposed to coming from a search engine or similar);
  • Are near Connecticut or are in some way connected to Connecticut

Did you ever think you'd be able to completely segment your users with a few commas?

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