Can I filter to find certain Recordings or Behavior Tags?

Yes! Under the Recordings tab, you will see the Filter field in the upper right hand corner. Here you can enter things like:

  • Behavior Tags
    Examples: "Home Page", "Checkout Page", "Order Successful Page"

    Pro Tip: You can also filter by your Behavior Tags, by clicking the Filter By Tags button located just below the Recordings tab. See the Feature Guide for Behavior Tags to learn more.

  • Browser
    Examples: "Google Chrome", "IE", "Mobile Safari 8.0"
  • Device Type
    Examples: "iPhone", "ipad", "Android"
  • Operating System
    Examples: "Windows 7", "Mac OS 10.9", "Linux x86_64"
  • Keywords
    Examples: "Lucky Orange", "Google PPC", ""
  • Location
    Examples: "Kansas City", "New York", "United Kingdom"

Note: You don't need to include quotes around filter terms. They're only used above to differentiate between the example terms.

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