Why do my recordings look different?

In order to provide accurate and detailed recordings, Lucky Orange creates a copy of the HTML, images, and CSS within each visitor's recording. This allows you to playback a recording just as the visitor saw it even if the design of your website has changed or if the visitor saw a unique version of a page. 

Recordings almost always look correct immediately after they are captured but can sometimes begin to look incorrect as time passes and your website is updated.

After a visitor recording is captured, our service attempts to create copies of images and CSS found within a page. If our servers are unable to access those resources, the recording will fall back to using direct links used by the page. If the original resource changes content or is removed, recording playback might look incorrect.

Issues that could affect data capture

While Lucky Orange makes every effort to capture all recording data completely, on rare occasions the following may contribute to recording data being incorrectly captured:

  • Network Connectivity Issues
  • Older / Unsupported Browsers
  • Third Party Plugins / Ad-blockers
  • Firewalls

Note: Once captured, the HTML content of a page (DOM tree & mutations) will be accurate regardless of any future website changes.

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