View and compare A/B test variations

If you are taking advantage of A/B testing suites such as Optimizely and Google Optimize, it becomes important to see how behaviors change and conversions increase across different variations and experiments. Questions such as "Which variation saw more clicks on my checkout button?" or "Did more visitors complete my signup form in variation A or B?" become easy to answer thanks to effortless integrations with the leading A/B testing suites.

Getting started

There is no setup necessary to take advantage of A/B testing integrations. If you already have Optimizely or Google Optimize running on your website, the heatmap tool will automatically detect and display available experiments and variations for the currently loaded page. You can access the A/B test controls by clicking on the "A/B Tests" button near the top left of the heatmap tool.

Use the "Experiment" and "Variation" dropdowns to toggle between different visible changes to your website. Selecting a variation will attempt to automatically update the live page with the variation changes. For example, if a variation changes the color of the page's header from white to black, selecting that variation will automatically change the header color. Other variations, however, might require to start with a fresh page load. In that case, enable "Reload page on variation changes" to reload the current page from scratch with the variation active.

Note: Google Optimize does not automatically provide experiment names, only IDs. You must look up the ID of the experiment you wish to display in your Google Optimize dashboard.

Segment visitors by experiment and variation

The above A/B testing controls simply modify the look of your website in the heatmap tool. For variations where entire elements on a page are different, those controls are all that are necessary to learn about the success of different variations. In other cases, it is important to segment a heatmap to only those visitors who experienced a certain variation. Visitor recordings will automatically capture all experiment and variation data from the supported A/B testing suites. You can then use the standard segmentation panel to chose which variations the heatmap should show data for.

Supported A/B testing suites

  • Optimizely
  • Google Optimize

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