Understanding form analytics metrics

Forms are often the final step between turning a website visitor into a customer. Joining a newsletter, filling out a checkout process, and signing up for an account are all common uses for forms that, depending on how they are designed, can dramatically affect conversions. Identifying pain points and seeing what caused visitors to not complete a form are important to designing better, higher converting forms. Form analytics provides multiple different reports in order to show you exactly how visitors use your forms.


The summary tab provides a high level overview for how well a particular form is performing. Each metric has multiple components:

  • The primary number shows the total number of visitors that satisfy a metric during the currently selected date range
  • A historical chart gives insight into how well the form has performed over time
  • Percent change compares the first and last day for the currently selected date range
  • Play recordings for all visitors that are included in a particular metric


The reports tab includes detailed statistics for each field in a particular form. Hovering over each form field in a report allows you to play recordings for visitors that engaged with that field.

  • Abandonment highlights which fields were the last engaged for visitors that never converted
  • Repeat fields identifies fields a visitor filled out multiple times
  • Time to start indicates how long it took visitors to begin filling out a particular field
  • Order shows whether or not visitors are filling out the form in the intended order

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