What does “Activity Level” indicate?

Visitors interact differently with your website depending on their needs, interest, and opinions of your website. One visitor may find your website interesting and click around throughout several webpages while another visitor may instead quickly discover that your website isn’t going to meet his needs.

To help you identify visitors who have higher or lower engagement levels with your website we have launched a new feature in recordings called “Activity.”

This addition is a virtual display to illustrate how active a visitor was on your site via five potential levels of activity: 

No activity
(i.e. visitor may have bounced; no clicks, moves, or scrolls made)

 Low activity
(i.e. minimal engagement with the webpage(s) identified)

Medium activity
(i.e. the visitor interacted with your website to some degree)

  High activity
(i.e. this visitor is actively engaged with your website and skimming through webpages, scrolling and clicking a lot)

  Very high activity 
(i.e. the webpage was scrolled multiple times with longer periods spent reading and multiple clicks, moves and scrolls)

Please note: This activity gauge does not reflect:

  •          Pages visited. The number of pages visited by a user does not influence a user’s activity level. An active user could visit just one or two pages and be more active than someone who spent a few seconds on multiple webpages. HOWEVER, you can filter results by both activity level and pages visited. 
  •          Engagement time. It’s easy to assume that highly active users would spend the most time on your website. While that may be true for some of our customers, it may not be true for every scenario.
  •          Satisfaction. We highly suggest diving into recordings for a further analysis of a user’s activity on your site and to see exactly what happened before, during, and after the clicks, moves, and scrolls.
  •          Rage clicking. With few exceptions, countless attempts to click on webpage elements (AKA  “rage clicking”) will not be calculated into a user’s activity level. 

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