Is there a way to connect a recording across multiple sites or domains?

The Lucky Orange tracking code creates a 1st party cookie in a visitor's browser that contains the Lucky Orange recording ID. The cookie is set to work on all subdomains of the main site that it is on. For example, it would be accessible from as well as But if your site switches to a different domain altogether such as, the cookie would not be there and the recording ID would be blank, so it would create a new recording. This would happen even if you put the same tracking code on both sites.

It is possible to try and tie the original recording ID on the second site by using the visitor's IP address and looking up the original recording ID from our servers. To do this, you'll need to add the following line of code before our tracking code on both sites or domains so that our script knows to check our servers using the visitor's IP address.

    window.lo_use_ip_lookups = true;

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