Capturing console.log, console.warn, and console.error messages

Lucky Orange can capture any console.log, console.warn, and console.error messages called via JavaScript. It will play these back in a fake console window when viewing your recording. The timing of each console message will be at the same point at which they were triggered during the visitor recording.

As an example, if a visitor is on your site and clicks a button and then in javascript you call the following after the onclick event of the button:

console.log("Visitor clicked the button");

Lucky Orange will log the "Visitor clicked the button" text, and when playing back the recording of the visitor you will see them click the button and then the "Visitor clicked the button" text will appear in the recording window's console.

This can be very useful for developers trying to track down issues by comparing a recording of a visitor with any debugging console messages.

To enable console logging for all recordings:

  1. Login to your Lucky Orange site dashboard.
  2. Click the Settings gear in the top right.
  3. Click Privacy.
  4. Check the box under Console Logging.

Or, to enable console logging for a specific user or page(s) on a site:

  1. Add the window.__lo_log_console = true; variable somewhere on the page before the Lucky Orange tracking code.
WARNING: Do not send any sensitive information through the console when console logging is enabled.

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