Will Lucky Orange slow down my website?

Lucky Orange loads code asynchronously and defaults to loading after the load Javascript event fires on the page. This means that your page should fully load first and then Lucky Orange will download the required resources and start running. So, Lucky Orange should not slow down your site at all.

Some of our features such as Live Visitors & Recordings require sending data to our servers even after the page fully loads. These are also asynchronous requests and are sent in batches, but are required for the tool to be able to collect the data needed. However, these are sent in the background and do not affect the performance of your page or slow down the user experience.

Some page load time systems will include ongoing pings and make it look like your page load time is quite high. From the user perspective the page load time is the same as without having Lucky Orange installed, but because we are constantly sending data, the other page load measuring systems (such as Pingdom) might show a much higher page load time.

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