How can I display only “active” visitors?

Sometimes it’s helpful to only view the visitors who are actively participating on your site.

If a visitor’s cursor hasn’t moved, or if the visitor hasn’t typed anything in a while, Lucky Orange will pick up on it and mark the visitor as being inactive. This makes it super simple to hide the snoozers.

First, locate the segmented button labeled Show All and Active Only.

Now, click the Active Only segment. This will filter out the inactive visitors, so only the more meaningful realtime visitor stats will be displayed.

If a visitor becomes active again after a period of inactivity, they’ll automatically reappear in the filtered results.

Note: When paused, the displayed data isn't refreshed, so you won't see visitors return from being idle. If your data hasn't changed in a while, make sure to check that display updates haven't accidentally been paused.  Learn more »

If, however, you do want to see all of your current traffic, boring or not, simply click the Show All segment to remove the active-only filter, and all of your visitors will be displayed once again.

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